I started competing in local art competitions. Then national and international ones. I did well in all of them. I expected opportunities to sell my work to just happen but that didn’t happen. At the time I was doing this I think the selling of art was moving from physical in-person sales to online sales. Many POD services were starting and that is where the business moved.

So I created my own website and started working to sell stock photography on my own site. I had some success but my work was too artistic for stock use. While I learned a lot about website building I eventually moved away from that. I just spent too much time working on the website and not enough time taking photos. Somewhere around this point, I switched to a digital camera.

Switching to digital helped a lot and shortly after that, I moved to create an account on a POD site. While sales were slow at first and few and far between it was enough. Mostly because it allowed me to work at home and take care of my baby at the time.

Years later I am only on one POD site and I’ve been there since 2010 at this point. People think you can make a lot of money on sites like these, you can’t, well most people can’t. And that you just upload designs and can make “passive income” their words not mine. But it doesn’t work that way, if you don’t promote your products on social media you won’t get any traffic/sales. As an artist it’s difficult you spend so much time doing marketing and so little creating art.

Recently I have refocused on creating more art and streamlining my marketing process. I am hoping that I can get my products in front of the people ready to buy them without spending all my time working on marketing.