So where did it all start. . .

by Kelly Paal

It all started somewhere in the early 1980’s, yes I’m giving away my age, with a disk camera. It was cheap little thing and took awful quality photos.

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For a kid, it was a fun camera and for my parents, it was a cheap option. It was just terrible with photo quality. And I’m surprised I didn’t give up on photography shortly after getting it. The first one that I had actually overheated and melted the case. We were able to return it and I got another one. I had that thing for years.

Looking back now I realize that I must have really loved taking photos to keep with that camera for years. It wasn’t until college photography classes where I was required to get a manual SLR that I had my first real camera. Which I still have to this day.

Nikon 2000

I love this camera and if the film was easier to get and if I wasn’t spoiled by digital I would still be using it. I’ve dropped it a number of times off of ladders. It’s been rained on and taken out in the cold. This thing is a tank.

So that’s where it all started as far as equipment goes. Some other time I’ll talk about what I was taking photos of in those early days.