Common Photography Mistakes Part 2

The continuation of my simplified series of photography lessons. We are still discussing common photography mistakes.

What is wrong with this photo?

This one is a little harder to sort out. Most non-photographers never get this and newbies struggle to see the problem. Do you see it yet?

It’s the pole coming out of the model’s head. Sometimes this is a tree too. Most new photographers forget to check the background and miss objects jutting out of their subject’s head.

Bonus point if you realized the background is in general just too distracting.

The fix.

Easy fix for both problems here. I moved the model and cropped it in closer. It makes for a much more pleasing composition too.


What is wrong with this photo?

This photo is very overexposed. Which is more likely to happen with modern cameras than with underexposure. Many new photographers don’t realize the sun, lamp, or camera flash is too strong for portraits.

The fix.

Move the light source, which is what I did in this case. So you can move the light source, move your subject, or turn off a flash and use natural light instead. Never post people in direct sunlight. A shady area is best.

Until next time you can recreate this mistakes and their fixes.