Basic Composition for New Photographers

What I’m about to talk about is really not meant for photographers who have some experience. If you are new to photography or are thinking about getting into photography then this is for you.

The Rule of Thirds

The most important rule of photography that most people don’t seem to know about is this one. This rule can make a huge difference in your photography results. And is a wonderful tool for improving the composition of any shot.

First explained by painter and engraver John Thomas Smith, at least that is the story, there is no written record of him using this grid or creating this grid but it is attributed to him today.

Tips for using the rule of thirds.

You do not center your image in the middle box.
The lines going horizontally and vertically are lines to use so you can line up your points of interest.
Where the lines cross are ideal points to place the focus of your shot, called a focal point.
Are there exceptions to this rule? Of course, there are, macro photography can have a lot of exceptions to this rule and some situations in landscape photography.

Experienced photographers learn not only to use this rule but how and when to break it. But when you are new you should work on applying this rule every time you take a photo.

Examples of application of the rule of thirds from my own photography.

Till next time. Practice applying the rule of thirds to your photography.