A Good Day for Photography

Many people think that a bright sunny day is the best day for photography of any kind. And they’d be wrong. An overcast day is best for all types of photography unless you are going for a high-contrast style of photo. Don’t get me wrong I have done photography on sunny days mostly because I didn’t have a choice. If you work another paying job you just gotta do your photography when you have the opportunity. Today though is a really nice day weather-wise. Not too hot yet and for the most part it’s cloudy. There are some spring blooms still in my yard. So I may go outside as soon as my camera battery is ready to take a few photos.

So if the weather is nice where you are I hope that you can get outside and practice your photography today. Remember there is no reason not to just shoot pictures as many as you want to practice. Modern digital cameras have at least done that much for us. When I started with film it was awful to make sure you didn’t waste film.